Colorado Fall

We drove up into the mountains for the last couple of weekends to get pictures of the leaves changing, it’s a really beautiful sight. There’s about a 3-4 week window when you can see all the prettiest colors. If we kept going every weekend we could’ve gotten some more beautiful spots. I’ve seen it where the entire valley is pretty much yellow, but it was on the way up to Mt Bierdstadt and didn’t really get any shots.












I think you can pretty much tell which ones of these are from my iPhone vs the DSLR. All those pano’s, and I’ve always felt like iPhone shots are pretty muddy unless you are really close to something. I want to get something smaller next year, preferably lightweight and mirrorless so I can get some decent quality images on my trips. My DSLR is way too heavy to lug around. I’ve come across a few photographers on hikes that turn around before they even get to where they’re going because they can’t carry all the weight with the gear on hikes.








Couldn’t help it. I love my Volvo!