I’ve decided to kick start up my old domain, the one years ago I used to call home to my photography business. This will be a small place on the web I can call my new home for thoughts, adventures and life.

Speaking of adventures, we’ll be starting a Journey soon…a 10 day mid west road trip. The kind that sees wonders, sights, and sounds that can only be imagined in dreams for people who haven’t been there.

Me, Crystal, our friends Henry and Amanda will be co-piloting the adventure with us. I can’t promise unicorns and rainbows (maybe rainbows) but I promise you’ll see some awesome pictures while you’re here.

The journey begins in Ruston, LA where we’re all from, and will end in Silverton, CO.


We’ll have some more exciting things to show you soon, and we’ll be live blogging the trip as we go!