Rainbow Lakes Day Two

It’s been a minute but I’m making some time to finish up our latest adventures!

The second day we took another hike up a different trail, this time we took a more moderate trail, Arapaho Glacier trail. It’s 12 miles long but we only did about 6 of it before we turned around. From the campsite even up to the halfway point the views were covered by trees most of the way. I think we were hoping to see what we could see and if we could make the whole thing. The trail is rated as “moderate” which I would say should’ve been rated hard depending on what stretch of it you were on. Most of it was easy to moderate with a steady incline but we had some wonderful stretches of straight trail that was really pretty and had some unique elements around it.



Here’s Cooper with his new backpack on. We really enjoyed being able to put the dogs stuff in his pack and it gave him a mission of his own while we were hiking. Because of the pack we felt like he did much better hiking than normal since it gave him something to do and concentrate on. He behaved a lot better, I’d definitely recommend getting one if you’re thinking about taking your dog on any major hikes, but make sure to also get some boots for them as well, as sometimes the trails have sharp rocks that may cut their pads.




Here’s another Crystal shot of me and Cooper through a stump of a tree.

By the time we reached around the 6 or 7 mile mark the trail had gone to high incline and mostly just giant rocks you would have to navigate on as you hiked up the trail. At that point the dogs had just about enough, and Cooper had really started to pull to go back towards the camp. Crystal was feeling pretty fatigued so we decided to go ahead and head on back to the campsite. I’m really glad we decided to do that, because about a mile back down the Chihuahuas were pretty much done. They were done so much we had to carry them in our bags! (Spoiled rotten kids.)



Thank goodness I had been working out over the last several months when we did this, he isn’t light by any means, so I was carrying at least 50ml of water, all the necessities, food, and now a 15lb dog on my back for the next few miles, I probably rounded out at about 25 – 30 lbs. Crystal had Luna in her bag and she was actually pretty happy.  We did really well doing that that until one of the zippers came undone on mine and he fell out once, but he landed on his feet since I started to feel the weight shift and I was able to bend down a little to cushion his fall.

I can’t complain too much though, as we were going down, there was another couple carrying a huge golden retriever puppy in the back of theirs, which was much heavier than what I was dealing with, it really wasn’t so bad, but we were all just kinda cranky and ready to eat some lunch and relax the rest of the day.

Once we got back to camp we pretty much spent the rest of the day around the campsite barring a quick trip into Boulder to get a couple of things and a stop in Nederland for some more ice cream at our new favorite little book shop.




Since there was a fire ban the entire time we were camping we had a little stove to heat up some water for basic cooking use, and we used these freeze dried foods for dinners at night time. I chose Backpackers Pantry, and I ate Shepherds Potato Stew which quite honestly was really good! It was the first time I had ever eaten a meal like this that wasn’t an Army M.R.E from Boy Scouts. The second night I had tried BackPackers Pantry Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry. I was super hungry and we didn’t have a good measuring cup for our water so I overfilled it with water and it became kind of a stir fry soup instead (lessoned learned).

Crystal didn’t have the same luck as I did. She had a different brand called Mountain House, and both of her meals leaked after adding the water to the bags and if you have a hole in them they won’t cook right when it’s sealed back up. I’ve heard people say they’ve never had trouble with that brand, but since it happened both times and we only had a couple more backup ones and both were that brand it left Crystal in a bind. We did have other food so she ate of course, but it was disappointing, so we probably won’t buy that brand again.




That night was pretty sleepless one for me, as I woke up at about 2 am to a loud truck coming down the road which was just maybe 2 or 300 feet from our tent, apparently it was a fire truck and ranger truck doing rounds.  One of the fire trucks stopped because they got a flat tire, and when they got out I heard them start talking about the bear they just saw run next to the truck and as soon as I heard them get out and start talking, I could hear that familiar huffing sound of a bear running as he zoomed literally right by our tent and into the woods. I couldn’t believe that had just happened!

After that it took quite awhile to get back to sleep, but I was sure that bear got scarred off and was long gone with all the commotion going on. We were warned ahead of time when we got to the park that one had been oodling around the campsites a couple of days before, and Moose had been eating in the field just behind the river we were by. Dangerous nature was at the foremost of my mind during the trip, so I opened carried when we were out on the hikes.

Pretty much the next morning we packed up everything and went on one last hike, it wasn’t really any trail system just following the river we had behind our tent, which was actually one of the coolest hikes of the weekend. You can see the river in the photo above and it only got better as you went up stream with little waterfalls, crossings and splits.




The image above was one of my favorite images of that particular hike, this trail wasn’t listed on any map but provided some of the neatest things to look at. Mossy trees, beautiful river, abandoned campsites, and of course…The Hatch. I almost expected to find the LOST numbers scribed on the side. Strange thing to be literally a couple of miles in the middle of the woods of nowhere. I’m assuming it was probably to cover an old well, but for fun’s sake, I’m gonna say there’s a man living down there in a survival bunker typing numbers into a computer. 4,8,15,16,23,42.




After our little adventure hike and seeing tons and tons of moose and bear scat we decided to get the heck out of dodge before we got trampled on or eaten. With that, we packed up the rest of our site and headed home, but we did stop a couple of times of course to get some pictures!




Next Up on the blog: Fall Pictures, Mt Bierdstadt, and Lost Lake!