Royal Arch



I conquered another small hike on my list. At this rate we’ll be hitting a lot of the major trailheads before summer ends. This one is called Royal Arch. It’s a beautiful rock formation at the very top of a peak at just under 1400 feet and under 4 miles. Don’t let the pictures fool you, I couldn’t get the sort of views I wanted since there was a crowd of people up there, but the arch is actually really huge.


I really wanted this one to be a easy hike considering the gains I’ve been making.  My cousin is in town visiting and our workout game got stepped up to level 11 so I was feeling pretty awesome. That and the fact that Dan got a power rack earlier in the week. I was really excited for this one and it should’ve been pretty easy, but I hadn’t quite recovered from leg day earlier in the week and that immediately made me slower than I wanted to be. It certainly didn’t help that about half way up I rolled my ankle and it was mostly rocky stairs for this hike so I was putting weight on top of pain most of it. It actually ended up working out in the end since my cousin wasn’t used to the altitude yet so his breaks really saved me from extra pain and anguish from leg day and a bad ankle. I’m also super glad I added some medical tape to my bag which helped out on the trip down. I’m going to be doing a bag rundown at some point with pictures.

I also got in touch with my Nutritionist, and we worked out some things to help me from the crashes from overheating/working on the hikes with Cystic Fibrosis. The sodium intake is 2x the normal person so I should’ve been taking in much, MUCH more sodium than most people on these, and we’re pretty sure that’s what made me crash on my Walker Ranch hike. As with every hike I’m always learning something new and changing something every time.

This time I woke up at 5:30 am and cooked a hearty breakfast with bacon and eggs, I also packed some Gatorade G2 which has extra sodium in it, along with some snack sized ziplock bags with Pretzel Crisps (NOT ROLD GOLD!) Rold Gold is loaded with extra junk and fat. I also packed some trail mix. I get the trail mix with the nuts, m&m’s, and raisins for the sugar/carbs/sodium I need for a high energy hike. The combination of just constantly eating and drinking helped tremendously from passed hikes. It was the first time I’d had G2 which tasted very kool-aid since I got the red version. Much different from regular Gatorade, I had to offset it quite a bit with water switching back and forth because if I drank too much of it would make me sick, the combination of everything made for a crash-less hike without any problems.

I still need to blog Mt Sanitas, but I would definitely rate this one quite a bit harder than Sanitas mostly because it was was just about all going up with not many level parts and lots of stairs.



View from the top. That’s Boulder to the left.

Once we made it to the top it was super crowded but really awesome to look at, spectacular views as always, but neat just to see an odd rock arch at the top of a peak in the middle of the mountain.

I’m not sure what our next one will be, we were supposed to be headed out to the sand dunes in south Colorado for a full weekend campout, but that trip got delayed because well…HOUSE. So we’re in the process of paying off some debt and saving up to purchase our first home within the next couple of years, so priorities. There’s still lots of things to do locally for free so that will be our goal until we get where we want to be on that front.

Btw these last few posts are all taken with an iPhone6s. I’d take my DSLR but weight and bulk make a large difference on these hikes. I’m saving the good camera for backpacking and less people. I might end up investing in something along the lines of a light weight mirrorless I can travel around with on my small excursions at some point or another.